Pourquoi porter des faux ongles ?

Why wear false nails?

Invented in 1954, false nails are today a true beauty essential . It is almost impossible to come across a well-dressed woman who is not wearing false nails. But why are they so popular?

Whether to add a touch of femininity, improve the appearance of the hands, to express personal style or to solve fragile nail problems, false nails offer an aesthetic and practical solution . We'll explaine everything here !

Aesthetics and self-confidence

False nails are a real asset to your look and your femininity . They offer a flawless and polished appearance that adds a dose of glamor to your hands in addition to making them look more refined . With an endless variety of styles, colors and designs, false nails allow you to bring out your creative side and show the world your unique style, whether it's a super classy and understated style with extra short designs or a sleek bad b*tch with longer and fancy models. You will feel at your best and your self-confidence will reach new heights . Yes, it's a tiny detail in a look, but we promise you that we feel so much more confident and pretty with it!

Protection for natural nails

For those who have natural nails that are weak, brittle or that split easily, false nails can be an effective solution. The materials used to make false nails, such as acrylic or gel, provide an additional protective layer to natural nails, reducing the risk of breakage and damage from everyday activities. False nails can also help prevent nail biting , making them an option for those who want to stop this bad habit. No more brittle nails that limit you in your daily activities. With false nails, you can face life without fear of damaging them!

Practicality and durability

False nails are synonymous with practicality. Unlike natural nails which require constant maintenance and a regular new coat of polish, false nails are durable and require less effort . You don't need to do your nail art yourself, either your nail technician will take care of it at the salon or Roxy Nails Paris with great reusable false nail kits ready to be applied and delivered to your box to the letters! Once installed, they remain flawless for an extended period of time, which is ideal for busy or time-poor people .

Experimentation and temporary change

Want long nails but don't want to wait for your natural nails to grow? With false nails, you can experiment with different nail styles and lengths without a long-term commitment . And even better, with false nails such as Press on nails , which can be applied and removed whenever you want, you have the freedom to change your look at will. Blue for the weekend, nude during the week, pink for your romantic date, etc. Easy to apply and remove, they allow you to reinvent yourself and assert your style effortlessly.


False nails offer a multitude of benefits , from aesthetic enhancement to protection of natural nails to practicality and experimentation. Whether you're looking to add a touch of glamor to your hands, strengthen your natural nails, or temporarily change your appearance, false nails can be a versatile and practical solution .