Installation and removal

How do I apply my false nails? (with Gel Pads)

We advise you to watch our video tutorial which explains the installation from A to Z in detail.

Here are the main steps of applying false nails with Gel Pads:

- Select the capsules corresponding to each finger

- Lightly scratch the natural nail using the mini-file from the kit

- Degrease the natural nail using a cotton pad soaked in alcohol or our Nail Prep

- Gently take the Gel Pad on the tab side and place it on the natural nail, 1mm from the cuticles

- Rub the Gel Pad under the heat of your finger to activate the glue then remove the protective film

- Place the capsule slightly under the cuticles and press it firmly from bottom to top

- Massage the capsule firmly for 10 seconds

How do I remove my false nails? (with gel pads)

Removal can be done at any time using the flat side of the small stick included in the kit.

The pointed side of the stick will then allow you to remove the gel pads stuck to the capsule or your nails.

Removal is simple, quick and painless.

We advise you to view our removal tutorial .


We advise you to watch our video tutorial which explains the installation from A to Z in detail.

Here are the main steps of applying false nails with Liquid Glue:

- Select the capsules corresponding to each finger

- Lightly scratch the natural nail using the mini-file from the kit

- Degrease the natural nail using a cotton pad soaked in alcohol or our Nail Prep

- Apply a generous layer of glue to your natural nail and to the cap

- Place the capsule slightly under the cuticles and press it firmly from bottom to top

- Hold the capsule firmly for 30 seconds


Removal can be done at any time using the flat side of the small stick included in the kit.

To facilitate the process, it is advisable to immerse your fingers for 10 minutes in a mixture of warm water, oil and soap.

We advise you to view our removal tutorial .

How long do false nails last without peeling off?

The Gel Pads included in each false nail kit are designed for applications lasting an average of 5-7 days.

According to our users, the duration of an installation can vary from one day to 2-3 weeks but we recommend that you do not keep them on for more than 3 weeks as a precaution to avoid water infiltration.

You don't have to wait for them to peel off on their own: it is entirely possible to remove your false nails at any time using the stick included in the kit.

For an extended period (1-3 weeks), opt for our liquid glue.

My false nails didn't hold up well, how can I avoid this next time?

Here are our tips for improving nail hold:

1) One of the most important steps for good hold is to wash your hands well with soap and degrease your nails with 70º alcohol (or more). The cotton must be very soaked (do not add just a few drops). This will dry out your natural nail and help the gel pad stick (and prevent it from coming off with the tab).

2) You must also rub the gel pad well to warm it up, this both makes it easier to remove the tab and activates the glue. If you ever have trouble removing it, scrape the end to separate it from the gel pad so that it doesn't come off when you pull it.

3) Another very important step is to press the capsule firmly, from bottom to top to avoid air bubbles which are the first cause of premature fall. You must then press well by massaging for 10 seconds.

4) You should avoid putting them in contact with water during the first hours after installation (the ideal is to install them just before sleeping)

5) Perhaps the curvature of the capsules is too rounded for your nails: if you have flat nails, then the technique is to superimpose 2 gel pads to compensate for the volume differential and allow the capsule to sit well. Next time, opt for our nails specially adapted for flat nails.

6) You must also be careful not to push the nail too much or exert great pressure, especially during the first 48 hours when the gel pad has not yet 100% adhered to the surfaces.

If you still have trouble making them last more than 3 days with Gel Pads, you can opt for our liquid glue.

Using false nails

How do I reuse my false nails?

WITH THE GEL PADS: After each removal, just remember to remove the residue of Gel Pads with the pointed side of your small wooden stick to make the capsules like new.

WITH LIQUID GLUE: After each application, polish the dried glue residue using your mini-file (which you can cut lengthwise). Pass a small cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover over the remaining traces. To be reused, the capsules must become smooth to the touch again.

Clean the capsules carefully with soap then dry them.

Then store them in their box so as not to lose them.

What should I do when I run out of Gel Pads?

If you have used all the Gel Pads offered in your false nail kit (enough for 2 applications), you can purchase refills of Gel Pads sold separately (pack of 10 applications, 20 applications or 40 additional applications) in the Gel pads section .

Is the installation water resistant?

Yes ! The installation is resistant to cold AND hot water. So you can wash your hands, shower, bathe, wash the dishes, etc. no problem.

However, it is recommended to wait a few hours after each application before making first contact with water. After that, you can spend whole days at the pool without worrying!

- Degrease the natural nail using a cotton pad soaked in alcohol or our Nail Prep

- Apply a generous layer of glue to your natural nail and to the cap

- Place the capsule slightly under the cuticles and press it firmly from bottom to top

- Hold the capsule firmly for 30 seconds

Am I sure I can find my size for each finger?

Every woman is different, and so are their nails! This is why, in each kit, we provide 15 to 16 sizes of capsules (depending on the shape) ranging from very thin to very large.

When you receive your package, you can test the capsules on your fingers without sticking them to check that you find the right size for each finger. If this is not the case, you can return your order to us for a refund.

98% of our customers find exactly the right size for each of their fingers!

Can false nails be applied to bitten nails?

Absolutely ! Our false nails are ideal for bitten and even badly bitten bases.

However, to guarantee optimal fit, we advise you to choose extra-short or extra-extra-short models.

From what age can you wear reusable false nails?

There is no real age limit as, unlike other abrasive methods, Gel Pads do not damage your natural nails and are not dangerous.

You only need your nail base to be sufficient to stick the capsules to it. We estimate that from the age of 13-14, your nails are large enough.

Can repetitive poses damage my nails?

No ! Just be careful not to polish your nail plate too hard or for too long when preparing the nail.

You should only lightly scratch the nail, without pressing, otherwise you risk in the long run thinning your nail and weakening it.

Can I file or trim my false nails?

Yes ! We also provide you with a file in each kit for this purpose.

After filing them, just scrape off the small residues of material to make the capsule completely clean.

Are false nails comfortable to wear?

Yes ! You won't feel them at all.

Of course, if this is your first time wearing long false nails, it will take a few days to get used to the length (but it comes quickly!).

Are there any precautions to take to prevent the capsules from getting damaged?

Our capsules are designed with resistant materials to last over time. However, you must also take care of them and avoid certain situations/products/actions which could damage them or encourage erosion, in particular:

  • contact with chemicals such as acetone, acidic or alkaline products or any other solvent or corrosive cream (example: choose neutral PH soaps and wear gloves when cleaning or washing dishes)
  • physical scratches with scratching or sharp objects (keys, rocky surfaces, dishwashing sponge, scrubbing glove, etc.)

If you cannot avoid these situations due to your profession (hairdressing, cleaning, horse riding, etc.), we advise you to opt for solid color models and avoid models with a mirror, matte, French or 3D effect. which are the most fragile.

In order not to damage the capsule when removing:

  • you must use the flat side of the stick and lightly slide it under one side, as close as possible to the top of the nail (and not towards the bottom of the nail which is thinner and fragile)
  • do the same thing on the other side and repeat the maneuver until the capsule comes off completely
  • never touch the bottom of the capsule with the stick
  • never use leverage with the stick
  • never try to remove the capsule with your fingers by pulling it
Which way should you place the square capsules?

The square capsules have two ends:

  • The harder, squarer side, which should be towards the top of the nail. It has a number engraved on the back indicating the size of the capsule
  • The rounder, finer side, which should be towards the cuticles. It is more flexible to provide comfort and adapt to the curvature of each nail

It is essential to apply them in the right direction because if the thin end is towards the top of your nail, it risks being damaged.

I can't remove the protective film from the Gel Pad, what should I do?

Here are our tips for allowing the Gel Pad to properly detach from its plastic protection:

  • wash your nails before application
  • Rub the Gel Pad well before removing it from the large plastic base
  • Polish and dry your natural nails well with a cotton pad generously soaked in alcohol
  • let the alcohol dry (20 seconds)
  • Do not touch the Gel Pad with your fingers
  • rub the Gel Pad well against your nail before removing the tab
  • If the Gel Pad protrudes, scrape it with a fingernail to remove it from the tab
My cuticles hurt, how does this happen?

Normally, you should not feel the false nails and even less feel any discomfort or pain. If this is the case, here are the potential reasons and solutions:

  • case 1: the Gel Pads are placed too far from the cuticles, which leaves the lower edge of the capsule mobile. On the contrary, the capsule must be pressed against the nail. To do this, place the Gel Pad neither too stuck to the cuticles nor too far: the ideal distance is 1mm
  • case 2: the cuticles have not been pushed back enough and the capsule has not been placed under the cuticles, which leaves the capsule above and encourages friction. You must make sure to push your cuticles well and place the capsule slightly below for a natural effect and optimal comfort.
  • case 3: the capsule used is too wide, which does not allow the lower edge of the capsule to remain under the cuticles and which causes the capsule to “exit” which could rub the cuticles in the event of vertical pressure
  • case 4: you exert great vertical pressure too often (examples: inserting your nail into a tangerine peel to peel it). The capsule placed with gel pad is not 100% stable and can move slightly towards the cuticles if you press it too hard, which can irritate the cuticles
I feel painful compression on my nails, what should I do?

Normally, you should not feel the false nails and even less feel any discomfort or pain. If this is the case, here are the potential reasons and solutions:

  • case 1: your natural nails are very flat, which leaves a curvature differential between them and the capsule and creates this compression when the capsule is stuck to the nail. In this case, you must superimpose 2 gel pads on your nails before applying the capsule to create volume and reduce compression. This usually works very well and you should no longer feel any discomfort. For your next orders, opt for our models adapted to flat nails.
  • case 2: you used a capsule that was too narrow, which creates the same phenomenon as described above, the thinner capsules being more convex. It will therefore be necessary to choose a larger capsule for the next exposures.

Product questions

What are the main advantages of Press on nails?

There are so many that it's difficult to make an exhaustive list! Here are the main strengths of reusable false nails, or press on nails:

  • Economical and ecological , the quality press on nails are reusable several times.
  • A salon effect look , for a fraction of the price. No more spending large sums at the beautician every month!
  • Adapted to your lifestyle , you can keep them for an evening or 2 weeks, the choice is yours!
  • Allow you to change your look in an instant and match your nails to your mood or your outfits
  • Quick and very simple , installation is done in 10 minutes flat, just like for removal
  • Respectful of your health , the application does not damage your natural nails
What are the differences between Press on nails and false nails applied in salons?

Reusable false nails, or press on nails, have the advantage of giving you great flexibility of use. You can decide to wear them whenever you want and take them off whenever you want. So there's no commitment, which is handy if you can't - or don't want to - wear fake nails all the time or if you just like to change up your style.

They also have the advantage of not damaging your natural nails unlike certain gel or resin applications.

The inconveniences due to regrowth (unaesthetic appearance, hair getting stuck) are also avoided with press on nails because you can remove them and stick them back closer to the cuticles!

What are the differences between Roxy Nails Paris false nails and commercial glue-on false nails?

Roxy Nails Paris uses several unique innovations to offer you quality, durable products with a professional and elegant finish.

While the majority of capsules are plastic, thin, and difficult to re-use, our press on nails are made from soft gel. They combine robustness and flexibility to perfectly match the shape of each nail and ensure optimal comfort.

Carefully designed for a seamless appearance, they guarantee a natural result on the cuticles and nail profile.

Colors are protected by a double layer of ultra-glossy UV gel, providing an ultra-clean finish.

The Roxy Nails Paris Gel Pads are also exclusive, with the most effective hold on the market.

Finally, we release a new collection every month, guaranteeing you modern manicures at the forefront of new trends!

What is included in a box of false nails?

For each box purchased, you will receive:

- between 30 and 32 capsules of all sizes (depending on shape)

- gel pads to achieve 2 poses

I lost/broke one of my capsules, what should I do?

Do not panic ! It is generally not necessary to repurchase a set because You can find replacement capsules in each kit: use the nail one size larger and lightly file the sides if necessary to adjust them.

Are your products vegan/cruelty-free?

Yes ! Roxy Nails opposes cruelty towards our animal friends.

All our products (including glues and accessories) comply with Regulation 1223/2009 and are therefore not tested on animals.

Do you make designs to order?

We are not able to create personalized sets for you on request.

However, we create all our new sets in co-creation with our community!

You are always invited to let us know what you want by sending us your inspirations and voting for your favorite designs in our co-creation polls on Instagram.

Delivery & orders

How long will it take for me to receive my package?

Orders ship within 24-72 hours after purchase. This deadline may be extended during periods of high demand (Black Friday, Christmas, Sales, etc.).

We offer two types of deliveries: standard delivery and express delivery.

For standard delivery, delivery time is approximately:

- 5-8 days in mainland France

- 6-10 days for Belgium, Switzerland and other neighboring countries, as well as the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States

- 10-25 days for the French Overseas Territories and other remote regions

- 7 to 14 days for the rest of the world

Express delivery is currently only available in European Union countries but should be quickly extended to other regions. The deadlines are:

- 1-3 days for mainland France and neighboring countries (Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain)

- 3 to 7 days for the rest of Europe

Do you live in another country? Please contact our customer service for delivery times specific to your country.

Which countries do you deliver to?

Roxy Nails Paris delivers to more than 60 countries.

To find out if we ship to your country, see if it appears in the list of countries when you enter your address during purchase.

How can I track my order?

Once your package has been shipped, you will receive an email containing your tracking number. You will then be able to track your package directly on the tracking sites of our local delivery partners (La Poste, Bpost, Swiss Post, Royal Mail or other).

Alternatively, you can also use our Track My Order page.

Please note that during the first days after shipping, your tracking may not be recognized or not update directly.

Can I cancel my order?

Have you changed your mind ? No problem !

You can cancel your order before it is processed and shipped by contacting our customer service at Don't forget to specify your order number or full name.

If your order has already been shipped, no modification or cancellation will be possible. Likewise, if you opt for express delivery, your order may not be able to be canceled or modified because the shortened processing times of priority orders do not always allow us to make changes.

Can I modify the contents of my order?

Do not panic ! If your package has not yet been shipped, we can modify your order. All you need to do is send the desired modification to our customer service by email at, specifying your order number or your full name.

If you would like to add items, we will send you a payment link to settle the difference.

If your package has already been shipped, unfortunately we will no longer be able to make any changes.

I entered the wrong address during my purchase, can I change it?

Do not panic ! If your package has not yet been shipped, we can change your address. All you have to do is send the correct address to our customer service by email to, specifying your order number or your full name.

If your package has already been shipped, unfortunately we will no longer be able to make changes and you will need to contact your local post office directly.

How do I take advantage of the buy 2 = get 1 free offer?

NB: This offer is only available at certain times of the year (if indicated on the home page and site banner).

To use it, simply add your 3 favorite kits to your basket and the cheapest of them will automatically go to 0 euros.

This offer is applicable to all our false nail models.

Returns & exchanges

Can I exchange or return one or more items from my order?

Yes ! Everyone has the right to change their mind.

You can exchange or return items within 14 days of receiving your order, as long as they are unused.

For more information, please refer to our Returns and Refunds Policy.

Customer service

How to contact you?

You have a question ? Our great team is here to help or advise you!

There are several ways to contact us:

-by email to

-by filling out the form in the Contact section

-by sliding into our Instagram DMs

Note: if your message concerns an order, please specify your order number.

How quickly will I get a response?

We usually respond the same day or the next day.

Please note that our Customer Service team does not work on Sundays and public holidays.

Partnerships, press & distribution

I am an influencer, do you accept partnerships?

We are open to collaborations and partnerships of all types with content creators. Simply send us your project proposal by sending us an email to

Don't forget to include links to your social networks as well as your statistics.

I am a journalist, do you do press tests?

Absolutely ! We would be happy to send you our products so that you can test them with a view to producing an article.

Send us an email to

I am a UGC designer, can I work with you?

If you like our products and want to create content for us, send your portfolio to

I would like to distribute your products in my store, is this possible?

Yes ! We offer wholesale prices for professionals.

If you would like to distribute our products, simply send us an email to and our sales team will explain how to place an order.


I would like to work with you

We are continually looking for new talents to join our team!

Send us an email to if you are experts in the following areas:

  • In-store entertainment
  • Creative strategy
  • Video content creation
  • Video montage
  • Customer service
  • Media buying
  • Graphic/motion design
  • Business development
  • Influencer marketing

Do you have another question?

Contact our Customer Service at for assistance.