Press On Nails vs. Vernis à Ongles : que choisir pour faire ses ongles à la maison ?

Press On Nails vs. Nail Polish: what to choose to do your nails at home?

Varnish or Press on Nails: these two options can allow you to do your nails quickly, at home, but which one is right for you ? Don't worry, we're here to help you make an informed decision. Get ready to learn the pros and cons of each method , so you can choose the one that will make you shine!

Press On Nails: Ease and versatility

If you are looking for a practical and quick solution to obtain perfect nails and a salon effect , Press On Nails are made for you. These prepped and decorated false nail kits offer simple, hassle-free application for even the least talented among us . You can stick them directly to your natural nails using gel pads (provided in your kit) or liquid glue. The result is instant, with beautifully styled nails in just minutes. Plus, Press On Nails are reusable , allowing you to change your look as often as you want without breaking the bank .

Nail Polish: The traditional method

Also applicable at home and easy to remove, varnish is a must-have in our express manicures . This is not the case for everyone but if you are a true nail artist, nail polish is an ideal choice. With endless colors, finishes and effects, you can create unique designs and personalize your nails however you want . From classic to funky, you can experiment with different color combinations, add patterns and details to achieve a look that suits you perfectly.

Press on nails vs. varnish, what are the differences?

Now, dear fans of express manicures, let's focus on a few key elements that can help you make your choice between press on nails and nail polish:

Press On Nails:

  • Easy and quick application, no special skills required
  • Variety of preset styles and designs for an instant manicure
  • Average price of a set of reusable false nails: 20 euros
  • Easy removal at any time using the stick included in the kit
  • Average duration of an installation: 5-7 days
  • Professional and lasting result
  • Possibility of reuse, economical in the long term

Nail polish :

  • Theoretically simple application but can quickly become a hassle if you are not manual
  • Freedom of creation and customization according to your tastes
  • Average price of a varnish: 10 euros
  • Easy removal at any time using nail polish remover
  • Average duration of an installation: 1-2 days
  • Often not very clean results if you are not a professional, with risks of overflows and bubbles
  • Can quickly become neglected if you don't maintain your varnish very regularly (chipped varnish, nothing less elegant!)


The choice between Press On Nails and nail polish depends on your personal preferences and manicure expectations. If you are looking for a practical, instant, salon-effect solution, Press On Nails are ideal. On the other hand, if you like to experiment and paint, nail polish will allow you to give free rein to your creativity. Either way, the main thing is that your nails reflect your personality and make you stand out ! If your heart is set on Press on Nails, you will find +150 sets right here .