Qu’est-ce que les Press on Nails ?

What are Press on Nails?

Press on Nails , also known as “press-on”, have become a real trend in recent years. They allow you to obtain a perfect manicure at all times , without having to regularly go to the salon and pay the high price.

But what exactly does this method consist of? Why is it called “revolutionary”? Is it made for me? Don't move, we tell you everything you need to know about this viral trend that is shaking the nail world!

What are Press on nails?

Press on nails are ready-to-use false nail kits designed to be applied at home and above all to be removed and reused when you decide . Thanks to the included accessories, they can be applied easily, directly to your natural nails, using double-sided adhesives (“gel pads”) or liquid glue. As its name suggests - “press on the nail” in English - you just have to clip them onto your nails and you're ready ! Not bad is not it ?

What are the advantages of Press on Nails?

Where to start…Press on Nails have so many benefits! Here is a list of the main needs that Press on Nails meet:

The freedom to wear false nails only when you want

Many women, for professional, health or even religious reasons, must keep their nails bare most of the time. However, classic methods of false nails force us to keep our pose for 3 weeks. With press-on nails, it is now possible to choose when to wear your false nails and especially when to remove them ! Problem solved. And then, let's face it, it's also super practical for all those who like to wear star nails only for special occasions and who like to have short nails the rest of the time for more comfort.

The luxury of being able to reuse them

And that’s such a big advantage that we could stop the list there. A reusable salon effect manicure galore , it feels like a dream. Be careful to choose durable false nails made with quality materials, like those from Roxy Nails Paris , to be sure you can reuse them.

The possibility of changing your style endlessly

We've all gotten tired of a nail color or design that we had to wear for a whole month. Now imagine being able to change your nails like you change your hairstyle , makeup or outfit. Well it’s possible with Press on nails! No more commitment, you can wear short electric blue one week, baby boomer almond the next, and so on…

A great time saver

On average, an installation by a professional will take you two hours, not counting travel time and possible waiting for your appointment. With Press on Nails, you can do your false nail application alone, at home and in 10 minutes flat . Pampering yourself with a little Netflix series is happiness!

A blessing for your wallet

Pretty, quality Press on Nails will cost you between 18 and 22 euros compared to 35 euros on average for installation in an institute (semi-permanent, resin, templates or other). The difference is small, you would tell us. And yet! Remember that Press on Nails are reusable dozens of times . If you do the math, wearing them ten times you will pay…. 2 euros per pose! It's your banker who will thank you.

Your health preserved

Sensitive but important subject: health. It is so often mistreated by traditional manicure methods: endocrine disruptors in certain varnishes, ultra-toxic formalin in certain gels, various inhaled chemicals, or even UV lamps which from the first use can expose us to skin cancer... And This is not to mention the damage caused to the natural nail: excessive polishing can ruin your nail plate, and the products used can damage the keratin of your nails, making them soft, brittle, etc. Press on Nails glued with gel pads do not damage natural nails and allow gentle and painless removal , and above all, no need for chemicals or UV lamps .

A wide variety of choices

The number 1 Press on Nails brand in Europe, Roxy Nails Paris , offers more than 120 models of reusable false nails, with new products every month following the biggest manicure trends of the moment. So there is something for everyone: whether you like very short or long , square or almond , super discreet or super fancy, you will definitely find what you are looking for !

How long do Press on Nails last?

It depends on whether you are using Gel Pads or liquid glue. On average, an installation with Gel pad lasts 5-7 days , and an installation with liquid glue 1-3 weeks . However, the duration also varies depending on several other factors: the care you took during installation, the length of your natural nails or false nails. For example, short false nails last longer than long false nails.

How to apply your Press on Nails?

Applying your Press on Nails will not take you more than a quarter of an hour. You must start by selecting your sizes for each of your fingers . Next, you need to prepare your natural nails by pushing back your cuticles, lightly polishing your nail plates and degreasing them with a cotton pad soaked in modified alcohol.

Once your natural nails are prepared, you will have to choose between Gel pads and Glue.

If you use gel pads , you will need to stick them one by one on each of your nails, making sure to rub the sticker well before removing the film in order to activate the glue. Then press the false nail caps onto your fingers at a 45° angle starting from the cuticles towards the top of the nail to avoid air bubbles.

If you use liquid glue , you will need to apply it generously to your natural nail and to the false nail, then immediately press the capsule onto the nail and hold it for 30 seconds while the glue dries. You will find a complete tutorial right here.

How and when to remove your Press on Nails?

Although installation with gel pads or liquid glue can last up to 3 weeks, we recommend that you do not wear them for more than 2 weeks in a row to avoid water infiltration. As we have seen, you can of course remove them after a day or even an hour! Here is the method to follow:

Using the flat side of your boxwood stick (included in your Press on Nails kit), gently peel off the capsule on the sides . Gradually tuck the stick under the capsule on one side then the other, until it comes off. Then remove the remaining gel pads with the pointed side of the stick by inserting it into the gel pad and then twisting it. It will go away on its own! You will find a detailed tutorial on our YouTube channel.

If your nails are glued with liquid glue, start by immersing your hands in a bowl of hot water in which you have put oil and dishwashing liquid or soap, then repeat the same maneuver with your boxwood stick . Then polish off the glue residue using your mini-file included in the kit.


Press On Nails are a true revolution in the world of beauty . This trend allows all women to enjoy a perfect manicure at all times, without constraints. Whether you have a busy job, activities that prevent you from wearing false nails all the time or you simply want to change your style regularly, Press On Nails are the ideal solution. With their ease of application, variety of designs and reusability, they have become a must-have for nail art enthusiasts. So, ready to adopt Press On Nails and enjoy their practicality and elegance? Discover all our models !