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Liquid glue is an alternative to gel pads for people wanting a longer installation time (1-3 weeks of hold with liquid glue vs. 5-7 days on average with gel pads).

Easy application: its applicator brush allows you to perfectly dose the product for a clean, spill-free application

Ultra-fast drying: after applying the glue to the capsule, press it firmly on the nail for 10 seconds without letting go, and it's dry!

Note that unlike gel pads, liquid glue can slightly damage natural nails and leave solid residue that will need to be polished to reuse the false nails.

    • Long-lasting : Liquid glue allows you to keep your application for up to 3 weeks, exactly like an installation done in a salon.
    • Precision : The Brush-on nail glue applicator brush allows precise application and prevents overflow.
    • Professional rendering : The liquid glue is imperceptible under the capsules, including for transparent and semi-opaque sets
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    Liquid glue with brush

    frequently asked Questions

    Is liquid glue included with the false nails?

    No , only Gel Pads are included in your false nail kits. We offer liquid glue only sold alone here.

    Can I reuse my false nails if I use liquid glue?

    Yes !

    All you need to do is polish off the dried glue residue using your mini-file to be able to reuse your false nails.

    However, with the accumulation of thin layers of dried glue, the false nails will be reusable fewer times than with Gel Pads (which leave no trace).

    On average, our users manage to reuse them 2-3 times .

    How long does an installation with liquid glue take?

    You can keep your false nails on average for 20 days with liquid glue.

    Of course, you can remove them at any time by removing them with the small stick provided in the kit.

    Is glue suitable for bitten nails?

    Absolutely ! It is even recommended if your nail base is very small (less than 5mm) to hold the false nails well.

    Be careful not to apply the glue if you have an injury.

    Does it damage our natural nails?

    There is a greater risk of damaging your nails than with Gel Pads.

    However, in principle, if the application is carried out delicately, the liquid glue does not damage natural nails. However, it leaves traces (dried glue) which will need to be polished.

    What to choose between Gel Pads and liquid glue?

    To help you decide which method is best for you, here are the main differences between Gel Pads and liquid glue:

    • Application : both take 10 minutes and are suitable for beginners. Installing with glue requires a little more concentration to avoid overflows.
    • Hold : the average duration of an application is 5-7 days with Gel Pads and 1-3 weeks with liquid glue.
    • For who ? : Prefer Gel Pads if you like to change your style or plan to wear/remove your false nails at a higher frequency. Prefer liquid glue if you want a long-lasting installation. Liquid glue is not suitable for pregnant women.
    • Removal : removing your false nails is simpler and quicker with Gel Pads. Nails may be slightly damaged if you use liquid glue.
    • The reusable nature : the Gel Pads leave no trace under the capsules, making them reusable a large number of times. Liquid glue leaves residue that will need to be polished, so the false nails can only be reused 2-3 times.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 78 reviews
    Très contente

    La colle est super, une fois bien appliqué, elle tient super bien ! Je recommande pour le prix

    Amelie L.

    J'applique la colle comme expliqué dans réel tiktok au centre de la capsule en grosse quantité en tapotant aves le pinceaux et en Fine couche sur l'ensemble de l'ongle. Je presse 40 sec et c'est terminé, je combien avec le produit séchant de la même game et la tenue est nickel et sa's bulle d'air

    Stephanie D.

    Ravie ravie je retrouve ma féminité sur mes mains


    Facile à utiliser, attention si vous en avez sur les doigts c’est comme la colle forte ! pour l’instant ça fait deux semaines qu’ils tiennes parfaitement même avec mon travail qui abime énormément mes ongles habituellement. Je recommande

    Facile à appliquer

    la colle liquide avec pinceau est très facile à appliquer et colle très bien, les capsules restent en place plus longtemps , au moins 10 jrs , je peux jardiner avec sans problème , je suis vraiment contente de cette alternative au vernis semi-permanent, plus besoin de faire sécher , 10s suffisent pour coller chaque capsules

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